CLiCQUES Tai & Nico
CLiCQUES Tai & Nico
CLiCQUES Tai & Nico
CLiCQUES Tai & Nico

CLiCQUES Tai & Nico

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Tai and Nico are a pair of lightly coloured wooden peg dolls with 3 magnetic interchangeable parts. This means the adorable Tai and Nico are able to change their appearance to suit one's play or preferences. Combine with other CLiCQUES wooden peg dolls to open up the door to many other colour combinations and outfits.

Tai & Nico - 7.5cm
House - 9 x 6.5 x 13.5cm

Recommended age 5+

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to magnetic small parts which may pose as a choking hazard.

CLiCQUES are colourful, beautiful and fun wooden peg dolls made from high-quality European hornbeam. They are CE certified and hand-painted with certified child-safe paints and varnishes.

Handmade in Europe, CLiCQUES wooden toys consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets designed for you to mix them up, switch their clothes and use them as educational toys for teaching colours and different colour combinations. It's all about your childs imagination: CLiCQUES have minimal facial features, these magnet toys stimulate children’s inner picturing abilities and do not set limitations to creative thinking. CLiCQUES come in house-shaped boxes that can be individually customized with beautiful interior backgrounds.

Why are CLiCQUES good toys?
  • CLiCQUES are handmade wooden toys with a CE certificate.
  • CLiCQUES are made from high-quality European hornbeam.
  • CLiCQUES are hand-painted with certified child-safe paints and varnishes (EN-71/3 compliant).
  • CLiCQUES are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • CLiCQUES are beautifully designed and inviting.
  • CLiCQUES are entertaining and very pleasant to play with.
  • CLiCQUES are decorative toys as well as playful decorations.
  • CLiCQUES are learning toys (more info below).
  • CLiCQUES are eco-friendly (more info below).
  • CLiCQUES are wooden toys made in Slovenia by a team of friends and family.
Why are CLiCQUES educational?
  • CLiCQUES encourage creative play and inspire your child´s imagination.
  • CLiCQUES are educational toys and are great for learning colours and colour combinations.
  • CLiCQUES can help improve motor skills.
  • CLiCQUES are wooden peg dolls with minimal facial features, which encourages inner picturing abilities and doesn’t set limitations to creative thinking.
Why are CLiCQUES fun?
  • CLiCQUES click (click, click, click…).
  • CLiCQUES are magnet toys – their three parts (head, body and legs) are held together with little magnets and can be rearranged.
  • CLiCQUES are colourful wooden dolls.
  • CLiCQUES never come alone and you can build a whole CLiCQUES community.
  • CLiCQUES grow a beautiful garden.
  • CLiCQUES live in super cool houses that can be individually customized with beautiful interior backgrounds designed by Nataša Majer.
  • CLiCQUES also come in DIY kits so you can create your own custom figurines and build them a custom house.
  • CLiCQUES are collectibles, and a never-ending story – we will constantly be adding new colours and limited editions for your CLiCQUES collection.
Why are CLiCQUES eco-friendly?
  • CLiCQUES are wooden toys for kids and do not contain plastic.
  • CLiCQUES are painted with environmentally friendly colours and varnishes.
  • CLiCQUES come in a box (made from food-safe cardboard) that is also their house and an integral part of the toy.