Why are CLiCQUES good toys?
  • CLiCQUES are handmade wooden toys with a CE certificate.
  • CLiCQUES are made from high-quality European hornbeam.
  • CLiCQUES are hand-painted with certified child-safe paints and varnishes (EN-71/3 compliant).
  • CLiCQUES are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • CLiCQUES are beautifully designed and inviting.
  • CLiCQUES are entertaining and very pleasant to play with.
  • CLiCQUES are decorative toys as well as playful decorations.
  • CLiCQUES are learning toys (more info below).
  • CLiCQUES are eco-friendly (more info below).
  • CLiCQUES are wooden toys made in Slovenia by a team of friends and family.
Why are CLiCQUES educational?
  • CLiCQUES encourage creative play and inspire your child´s imagination.
  • CLiCQUES are educational toys and are great for learning colours and colour combinations.
  • CLiCQUES can help improve motor skills.
  • CLiCQUES are wooden peg dolls with minimal facial features, which encourages inner picturing abilities and doesn’t set limitations to creative thinking.
Why are CLiCQUES fun?
  • CLiCQUES click (click, click, click…).
  • CLiCQUES are magnet toys – their three parts (head, body and legs) are held together with little magnets and can be rearranged.
  • CLiCQUES are colourful wooden dolls.
  • CLiCQUES never come alone and you can build a whole CLiCQUES community.
  • CLiCQUES grow a beautiful garden.
  • CLiCQUES live in super cool houses that can be individually customized with beautiful interior backgrounds designed by Nataša Majer.
  • CLiCQUES also come in DIY kits so you can create your own custom figurines and build them a custom house.
  • CLiCQUES are collectibles, and a never-ending story – we will constantly be adding new colours and limited editions for your CLiCQUES collection.
Why are CLiCQUES eco-friendly?
  • CLiCQUES are wooden toys for kids and do not contain plastic.
  • CLiCQUES are painted with environmentally friendly colours and varnishes.
  • CLiCQUES come in a box (made from food-safe cardboard) that is also their house and an integral part of the toy.